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Roof Replacement with a Des Moines Roofing and Exterior Specialist.

Roof and exterior problems are a pain as well as a significant expense to repair or replace. That’s why you need a contractor you can trust. We take great pride in our work and the business that we started. Each roofing season, we repair or replace hundreds of roofs and exterior remodeling projects. So it’s important to us that every customer has the best experience possible. Before you make your decision, please consider Thomas Exteriors.

We’re insured and licensed—This is very important and the first thing you need to verify with any roofing contractor. We have workers’ compensation insurance and liability insurance, plus we’re licensed to do business Iowa, Minnesota and Wisconsin.

We’re born and raised local—We are an established roofing and remodeling business based in Ankeny and have a solid reputation in the community. We are not storm chasers. Why is this important? If you have issues after the job is complete, we’ll be there to help and correct them. Fly-by-night organizations and storm chasers will be long gone.

We’re legit—We don’t operate out of a pickup truck or do roofing work on the side. This is our business and we do it well—because our livelihood and our young and growing families depend on it.

We stand behind our work—We will provide you with a written roofing estimate with easy to understand terms. We do the best we can to stick to the timetable promised as weather and roofing supplier material delivery dictate.

We are always available and responsive—We will return your phone call (imagine that?!). We’ll follow-up on concerns and provide roofing and remodeling material samples as needed or requested—before, during and after the project is completed.

We can handle the entire roofing and exterior remodeling project—If you have unexpected storm damage in the greater Des Moines area, we can repair or replace not only the roof but also exterior siding, windows and gutters.

Getting started:
Eventually, all roofs need to be replaced no matter how well they are maintained. So it is important to begin the process with a thorough roof inspection. This will help eliminate surprises and give you a better sense of what your roof requires. After the inspection, we work up an estimate and help you make your roof material selections for the color and appearance. Once approved, we purchase material, set up a schedule and complete your job in a timely and professional manner.     

If your home is in need of a roof replacement, ask your Thomas Exteriors consultant to determine the best option for you. Give us a call at 612.210.2880 or fill out the quote request form to get started. We offer free estimates on all our work!

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